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Varital:  Mixed Heirloom

Certification:  Organic, Fair-Traded, Gr. 1

Processing Method:  Washed (Wet-Processing)

Growing Altitude:  1900-2200 masl

Region:  Guji, Alaka District, Oromia Region

Farm:  Hambela Estate, Emiru Family

Tasting Notes:  Bright Floral and Acidity.  Lemon/Lime, Jasmine/Honey Complex Cup With Berries and Bergamont Tea Finish.  Roast Level Light-Medium to Maintain Acidity; Darker Roasts Feature Chocolate/Caramel Notes.

12 oz. per bag.

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The Hambela Estate has a rich and fascinating history. The lands were a gift from Emperor Haile Selassie to Muluemebet Emiru, Africa’s first female pilot, after World War II. Emiru and her husband transformed the land into a coffee estate, and it remains in the family to this day. Their legacy is carried on by grandson Aman Adinew, who spent many years working abroad before returning home to launch the META Agricultural Development PLC (METAD), which oversees operation of the estate. Adinew and METAD have worked to empower their community through equal employment opportunities for women, health initiatives, and educational opportunities for youth in coffee-growing communities. Their work includes a partnership with Grounds for Health to provide cervical cancer screenings, as well as the development of the first SCAA certified coffee lab in Africa.