Varietal:  100% Arabica, GR. 1 Shade Grown

Certification:  Fair-Trade, Organic

Harvest: 2018

Processing Method:  Washed (Wet-Processed)

Cooperative:  CAC La Prosperidad, Chirinos.  672 Members.

Region:  Cajamarca Region, Andean Province of San Ignacio, Northern Peru

Growing Altitude:  1750 masl

Tasting Notes:  Light body, well-rounded with citric citrus with notes of honey and molasses.  Lively acidity with hoppy, cranberry and orange zest. Papaya & milk chocolate notes with dried fruits and nutty,  syrupy caramel finish with darker roasts.  Easy drinking drip/pour-over but accepts milk/sugar as espresso brew also.  

Roast Level:  MEDIUM

12 oz. per bag.

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Region: San Ignacio in the Cajamarca Region, Peru

A very remote area in Northern Peru with breathtaking landscapes that is a mecca for growing organic coffee. When visiting here, the producers always offer upon arrival a shot of homemade aguardiente, anise-flavored firewater booze that the locals make and store in plastic Coca-Cola liters. The coffee culture here is relatively new and the region is only just beginning to gain access to basic infrastructure, such as electricity and paved roads. It's a rugged trek but the region produces incredibly expressive organic coffees.